Creased Paper Handmade Yellow Flowers

1. Green crepe paper and white crepe paper are each cut by a rectangular strip of paper. White can be longer than green, and the two widths must be the same. At the same time, they need to be narrower.
2. Fold the white note three times and cut it into scissors with scissors. The same is true for the green note.
3. Stick the double-sided tape to the lower part of the cut white stamen, and do the same with the green paper.
4. Using a slightly thicker green iron wire as a flower rod, roll the green stamen from one end to the other end, and then roll the white stamen outside the green stamen.
5. Prepare yellow pleated paper, cut it into a wider rectangle, fold it in half twice, and cut it into a petal shape with scissors. Note that the bottom cannot be cut short.
6. Also use double-sided adhesive to stick under the cut petals, and roll it out of the white flower just rolled.
7. Then cut a few individual laces with yellow pleated paper, and use double-sided adhesive to stick to the flowers just rolled.
8. Finally, use green tape to wind the bottom of the flower and the green iron wire, so that the handwork is completed.

1. When cutting yellow petals for the first time, you need to cut the petals a little deeper so that the flower stamens will be displayed.
2. Yellow petals are relatively stiff flowers. You can roll them with your fingers or other round things. The petals will spread out and look much softer.
3. If there is no double-sided tape at home, glue is also a good tool

1. Use caution with scissors
2. Use glue to avoid sticking to skin or clothing
3. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid being accidentally injured by wire, scissors, etc.

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