Bouquet Of Hyacinths Made Of Straws

1. Cut the straw from the extension
2. Cut the straw, and then cut the flower horizontally into thin strips, taking care not to cut it
3. Stick the other straw body with double-sided tape, turn the flower just cut into thin strips around the straw with double-sided tape, let it stick to the straw, a simple flower branch will succeed
4. Cut a few leaves with a green straw, and use double-sided tape to stick to the flower branch just made
5. Repeat the above steps to make a few more hyacinth flower branches, and putting them together will have unexpected surprises.

1. In the third step, you can use hot melt adhesive at the beginning and end, which will make it more firm and easy to operate
2. After trying, you can ignore the second step and cut the straw directly to the expansion and contraction, and then use the expansion and contraction of the straw as a flower stick to stick double-sided tape to cut the flower into thin strips, so that there is no need to heat the beginning when winding Melt glue, but there is a disadvantage that the flower pole will be relatively soft, which is not convenient for winding operation
3. If you do n’t have hot-melt adhesive at home, you can use old thread to tie it, but it will look a little less beautiful.

1. Be careful when using scissors and hot melt glue gun
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by hot melt glue, scissors, etc.

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