How To Make Gypsophila With Paper

1. Choose your favorite pleated paper in three or more colors and cut into thin strips.
2. Fold the strip in half twice and cut it into a tassel with scissors, and also cut it into a tassel at the other end, taking care not to cut it in the middle.
3. Unfold the cut tassels, the purpose is to make the tassels more fluffy, then roll them up, tie the tassels with thin iron wire, and gather the tassels at both ends towards the middle.
4. Use scissors to cut the tied tassels neatly, and move the tassels by hand to make the tassel-shaped starry sky more fluffy and natural.
5. Repeat the above steps to make a lot of small gypsophila, and then three small gypsophila are tied together with a string. This operation binds all small gypsophila.
6. Wrap the bound gypsophila with green tape on the thick wire. The distance of the gypsophila can be determined according to your hobby. After winding, garnish the gypsophila flowers by hand. This complete bouquet of gypsophila is completed.

1. When tying the tassel with thin wire, you can use pliers to help, it will be more labor-saving and easy.
2. It is recommended to make a few gypsophila flowers, this effect will be better, just like the beautiful gypsophila flowers.

1. Use caution with scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by wire, scissors, etc.

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