Use Wrinkled Paper To Diy Chamomile

1. The white pleated paper is cut into long strips, the long strip is folded in half, and then cut into petal shapes.
2. Scrape the cut petals with scissors to make the petals curl.
3. Use a paper towel or crepe paper to knead it into a ball and cut it on the top of the wire. Cut a small piece of orange crease paper and stretch it. Then wrap the ball on the top of the wire and fix it with a green tape.
4. Glue is glued under the white petals, and then sticks to the outside of the flower core, and eight petals are stuck to a flower core.
5. After the glue dries, wrap green tape around the roots of the petals, so a beautiful chamomile is ready.

1. You can use solid glue to replace liquid glue, solid glue dries faster.
2. When sticking petals, first stick four petals around the core, and then stick four petals on the outside of these four petals. The two layers of petals should be staggered so that the sticky camomile will look more beautiful.

1. Be careful when using scissors and glue
2. Use glue carefully to avoid sticking the glue to your hands and clothes
3. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, wire, etc.

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