Quick Diy Bouquet With Tissue

1. Fold the paper towel in half, cut the paper towel layer by layer, and then overlap the two layers of paper towels. The purpose of this is to make the tissues more fluffy.
2. Wrap the paper towels that have been overlapped together in the middle, and then tie the middle with a wire.
3. Gather the rolled paper towels in the middle, cut them neatly with scissors, and move the paper towels by hand to spread the paper towels layer by layer.
4. Use colored pen to draw paper towels, you can choose the color according to your preference. A beautiful tissue bouquet has been completed.

1. Choose a tissue with better toughness and quality, so that it is not easy to be damaged in the DIY production process.
2. In the second step, the paper towels can be folded regularly when rolled, so that it is more convenient to toggle and layer at the back.

1. Be careful when using scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, wire, etc.

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