Garbage Bag DIY Small Flower Basket

1. Choose three colors of plastic garbage bags and cut them into long strips.
2. Tie the three colored strips in a knot, and weave them into plastic braids according to the braiding method.
3. Use a hot melt glue gun to apply hot melt glue to the bottom of the disposable paper cup, glue the braided colorful plastic braid with hot melt glue and start to wrap around the disposable paper cup.
4. Cut the colorful plastic braid wrapped around the mouth of the disposable paper cup and apply hot melt glue at the end to prevent the colorful plastic braid from scattering.
5. Prepare a small piece of colored plastic braid with hot melt glue on both ends and stick it into the mouth of the disposable paper cup. Such a cute little flower basket is completed.

1. When cutting the plastic garbage bag into long strips, you can cut a little wider, so that when braiding braids faster.
2. If there is no disposable paper cup, cut the bottom of the cola bottle to replace it.
3. During the process of wrapping the colored plastic braids around the disposable paper cups, it is necessary to apply hot melt adhesive twice in a circle, so that the colored plastic braids will be more fixed.

1. Be careful when using scissors and hot melt glue gun
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, hot melt glue gun, etc.

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