Simple DIY Is A Sponge Paper House

1. Red and orange sponge paper are cut into rectangles, and purple and yellow sponge paper are cut into rectangles that are smaller than red and orange sponge paper. In addition to the orange sponge paper, the red sponge paper needs to be prepared with the same size as the purple and purple rectangle.
2. Roll up all the cut rectangular sponge paper and use hot-melt adhesive to glue the finishing point.
3. The purple cylinder sponge paper is used as the door of the house, the yellow cylinder sponge paper is used as the door frame, the body of the house is orange cylinder sponge paper, and the red cylinder sponge paper is used as the roof.
4. According to the picture effect, use hot-melt glue to stick each cylindrical sponge paper together.

1. The size of the house is determined according to the size of the cut rectangular sponge paper. If you like a larger house, you should cut the rectangular sponge paper larger.
2. The size of each rolled sponge paper must be the same to avoid the house being slanted.
3. When rolling red and orange sponge paper, because the rectangle is wider, you can apply hot melt glue to the beginning and end of the rectangular sponge paper, which is convenient for operation and the cylinder is not easy to spread.

1. Be careful when using scissors and hot melt glue gun
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, hot melt glue, etc.

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