Easy DIY Lollipops With Wrinkled Paper

1. Cut purple and white pleated paper into several long strips.
2. Twist each strip into a rope.
3. Align a rope made of purple pleated paper with a rope made of white pleated paper, glue it, and twist the purple and white ropes together.
4. When any color rope is gone, glue a new rope of the same color and continue to twist.
5. When all of the prepared ropes have become thicker ropes, glue one end of the ropes of Niuhao to glue and start winding, until all the thick ropes are rolled up and glue at the end.
6. Roll it into sticks with blue colored paper.
7. Stick the blue stick to the back of the lollipop, and a complete lollipop is ready.

1. You can use hot-melt glue instead of glue, otherwise it will be more convenient to wait for the glue to dry and continue to make.
2. If there is a larger fold paper, you can cut a strip of purple fold paper and a strip of white fold paper, so that the fourth step is omitted and it will be smoother.

1. Be careful when using scissors and glue
2. Be careful when using glue to avoid glue sticking to clothes and hands
3. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors

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