DIY Sponge Paper Carnation Bouquet

1. Cut a rectangular piece of sponge paper, fold the sponge paper in half, and stick the sponge paper at both ends with a transparent tape.
2. Use scissors to cut the tassel shape at the crease.
3. Use transparent tape to stick the iron wire to the end of the sponge paper cut into a tassel shape, and then start rolling.
4. Fix it with transparent tape after rolling. A simple sponge paper carnation is ready.
5. Choose multiple colors and repeat the above steps to make several sponge paper carnations.
6. Choose a piece of sponge paper you like and wrap the finished sponge paper carnation so that it becomes a bunch of flowers.

1. Press the transparent tape when it is sticky to make it firmer to avoid the flowers from spreading in the future.

1. Be careful when using scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, wire, etc.

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