Discarded Plastic Garbage Bags DIY Floral Decoration Crafts

1. Cut the garbage bags of your favorite color into long strips.
2. The long strip is rolled up as a flower, and a thin wire is tied between the rolled long flowers.
3. Wrap the roots of flowers and thin iron wire with green tape.
4. Use scissors to trim the flowers neatly, then flick the flowers to make them fluffy.
5. Repeat the above steps to prepare many small flowers.
6. Use green tape to tie the small flowers to a thick wire.
7. Sort out the tied flowers to make the flowers on a wire more natural. Finally twist the wire to make the wire bend, which will make it more like a real bouquet and look more artistic.

1. The fourth and third steps can be swapped so that the flowers will be more fluffy.
2. Prepare fluffy blooming flowers, and don’t forget to prepare some flowers that are not yet in full bloom.
3. More flowers on thick wire will be more beautiful, too little will be monotonous.

1. Be careful when using scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, wire, etc.

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