Non-woven Heart-shaped DIY Handicraft Decorations

1. Cut the red nonwoven into two heart shapes.
2. Use a needle and thread to sew from the heart-shaped depression to the lower position along the heart-shaped edge, and fill the pp cotton to the side that has been sewn.
3. Place the wire below the heart shape and sew it with a needle and thread to make the wire firm.
4. Continue to sew the other side of the heart.
5. When sewing to the concave position immediately, fill the pp cotton again to the side where the heart shape has just been sewn.
6. Finally, sew the unstitched heart-shaped edge to the beginning of sewing.

1. The size of the heart shape is determined by the use.
2. It is recommended to fill more when filling pp cotton, so that the heart shape will be more three-dimensional.

1. Be careful when using scissors, needles and threads
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, wire, needles, etc.

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