DIY Sponge Paper Christmas Tree Decoration Crafts

1. Cut the thin cardboard into a fan shape, and then roll up the fan-shaped thin cardboard and use hot melt adhesive to form a cone shape.
2. Cut the green sponge paper into rectangular paper strips. The sponge paper of each rectangular paper strip can be different in size.
3. Fold and cut the rectangular strip of sponge paper in half, and then glue it with hot melt adhesive.
4. The folded rectangular paper sponge paper is coated with hot-melt adhesive on the back, and then glued to the cone, and the stacked rectangular paper sponge paper is adhered in sequence from the bottom to the top of the cone.
5. The colored pen draws the shape of the decoration or gift that you want to hang on the Christmas tree, and then cut it out and glue it to the green sponge paper with hot melt glue. Finally, stick a five-pointed star on the top of the Christmas tree, so that the complete DIY handmade Christmas tree is ready.

1. It is very important to make a cone. The fan shape should be cut very regularly, and the cone made in this way is vertical and stable.

1. Be careful when using scissors and hot melt glue gun
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, hot melt glue, etc.

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