DIY Yarn Ball Decoration Crafts

1. Put the yarn on the three fingers for a lot of turns, cut it off from the fingers and tie it with the same color of yarn.
2. Use scissors to cut the ends of the yarn, and then trim it neatly.
3. Pull the yarn by hand to loosen it and make it more fluffy.
4. If the wool after turning is messy, trim it again with scissors.
5. Put the yarn ball on the top of the wire, a cute yarn ball DIY is done by hand.

1. It is recommended to use new yarn for the yarn. The yarn removed from the sweater is more curled, and the ball made of the yarn is not very effective.
2. If you want the yarn ball and the wire to be very strong together, you can apply hot melt glue to the wire.
3. It is recommended to make a few more yarn balls, and putting them together is very beautiful.

1. Be careful when using scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by wire, scissors, etc.

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