Cute And Very Practical DIY Kiwi Coaster Handicrafts

1. Cut the red non-woven fabric into a circle, the size can be determined according to the cup you are using, then cut a round green non-woven fabric, slightly smaller than the red round non-woven fabric, and then cut a small white circle Non-woven fabric.
2. Put the green round non-woven fabric on the red round non-woven fabric, and then put the white round non-woven fabric in the middle of the green round non-woven fabric, and then surround the white round non-woven fabric with a needle and white thread The edges of the cloth are sewn.
3. Use white thread to sew a white line in the area of ​​the green round non-woven fabric.
4. Sew two stitches with black thread at the end of each white line.

1. The three colors of non-woven fabric should be placed in the middle, so that the kiwi coasters sewn out are more beautiful.
2. When sewing a white line, try to control the distance between the two white lines as much as possible.

1. Be careful when using scissors and needles
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental injury by scissors, needles, etc.

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