Cloth Line Weaving DIY Storage Basket Weaving Handicrafts

Process (Illustration of stitch number)
First line: 6 stitches
Second line: 12 stitches
Third line: 18 stitches
Fourth line: 24 stitches
Fifth line: 30 stitches
Sixth line: 36 stitches
Seventh row; 42 stitches
Eighth line: 48 stitches
Ninth line: 54 stitches

The purple mark indicates the corresponding needle
Green mark means adding needle

1. Use the dark cloth thread as the woven material at the bottom of the storage basket.
2. Generally, the bottom row of the storage basket is just 9 rows. If it is too large, the storage basket will shake.
3. Make sure to mark the position of the first stitch to avoid the disorder of the number of stitches in each turn.
4. Try to use the same thickness and flexibility.
5. During the weaving process, avoid drawing too tightly.

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