Cute Hat Handicraft Decoration With Old Yarn DIY

1. Cut the cardboard into rectangular strips and use double-sided tape to form a circle.
2. Prepare many yarns of the same length.
3. Tie the yarn to the circle of jammed paper. One circle of jammed paper should be tied up with yarn.
4. Pass the wool to the other side of the circle.
5. Prepare cotton and fill it with wool to make it bulge.
6. Tied with wool of the same color where the wool swelled.
7. Cut the yarn neatly with scissors, and a beautiful decoration in the shape of a hat is done.

1. Two or more kinds of wool can be used for small hats, according to your preference.
2. Choose a harder paper jam to prevent the paper jam from breaking. Or the lid of the plastic bottle has a circle, which can replace the paper jam.

It is very important that if a child tries this DIY hat, he needs to be accompanied by his parents, because wool and scissors are dangerous for children.

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