Very Practical Frame Decoration || Waste Utilization DIY || Children ’s Handmade

1. Use cardboard to cut two squares, one of which is a little taller, then cut the middle of the tall square into a square frame.
2. Place the square frame on the colored paper, draw a line smaller than the frame, and cut the colored paper along the line with a knife.
3. Put the square frame on the colored paper, and wrap the colored paper on the side of the square frame with glue.
4. Put another piece of square cardboard on the square frame, and then use glue to wrap the square frame and square cardboard with colored paper, paying attention to leaving the side with different heights unwrapped.
5. Again glue the colored paper to the last side of the square frame.
6. Put the pompon on the front of the photo frame with hot melt glue.
7. Cut a piece of cardboard and fold it, then stick it to the back of the frame through hot melt adhesive.
8. Finally, insert photos from places with different heights, and the lovely and beautiful photo frame is completed.

1. When using glue, be careful not to stick it to places where glue is not needed, such as the mouth of the photo, so as not to put the photo in.
2. The size and shape of the photo frame can be cropped according to the photos at home.

Because this photo frame DIY requires the use of hot melt glue guns, scissors and glue and other dangerous items, if it is a child to try, it needs to be accompanied by parents.

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