Christmas DIY Handmade Decoration || Children Origami Handmade || Simple Handicrafts

1. Cut a circle with yellow cardboard.
2. Use a sewing needle and sewing thread to sew 6 pom-poms together, three pom-poms on each end of the sewing thread.
3. Put the connected pom-poms in the middle of the round yellow cardboard, roll up the round yellow cardboard and fold it, and fix the top with a stapler so as not to fall apart.
4. Cut out the leaf shape with green cardboard, cut out three leaves, cut three small circles with red cardboard, and glue the leaves and small circles with glue.
5. Finally, glue the glued leaves to the folded position on the yellow cardboard.

1. If there is no pompon, you can use colored beads instead. At this time, you need to use a thicker thread.
2. The well-connected pom-poms are folded in half in the middle of the line so that it is not easy to fall when placed in a round yellow cardboard.

Maybe every child wants to make this DIY hand-made Christmas bell decoration, but they need to work with their parents. Scissors, sewing needles and other things are too dangerous for children.

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