Great Cardboard DIY | Paper Craft | Children’s Craft Idea

1. Fold the cardboard in half and draw half of the feather shape on the cardboard.
2. Cut out the feather-shaped cardboard and cut the tassel diagonally.
3. Twist the feathers to make them look more natural.
4. Follow the steps above to prepare a few favorite colors of feathers.
5. Draw a circle on the cardboard and cut it off, and wrap it with yarn.
6. Use the sewing needle and thread to sew the feathers on the circle and tidy them up after sewing.
7. Hanging the sorted feathers is a beautiful decoration.

1. The circle can be made bigger so that the feathers are not easy to knot when hanging.
2. It is better to sew the feathers to the circle with different lengths, this will make it more natural.
3. If the feathers do not want to be hung on the circle, you can also hang them on the branches, etc., it is also very beautiful to do wall decoration.

If you are making this stylish cardboard and feather DIY handicraft, the children at home will definitely want to participate, then you should pay attention to the children not being injured by scissors and sewing needles.

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