Paper Flower DIY | Origami Handmade | Mother’s Day Gift

1. Cut the red colored paper into a circle, and then cut it into a spiral shape.
2. From the middle of the spiral colored paper, the color lines curl into a flower.
3. After rolling, arrange the flowers to loosen them.
4. Draw a heart shape on the cardboard and cut it with scissors.
5. Apply hot-melt glue under the flower and place it on the heart-shaped cardboard until the heart-shaped cardboard is covered.
6. Apply hot melt adhesive to the back of the heart-shaped cardboard and place wool.

1. The size of each flower can be made different, and it will be more natural when spread on a heart-shaped cardboard.
2. It is best to prepare three colors of colored paper to make flowers, and are similar colors.
3. If it is used as a gift, it is recommended to make this heart-shaped flower decoration bigger, and a smaller one as a home decoration will be more suitable.
4. According to your liking, you can ignore the sixth step as a gift.

Every child who loves mother needs to pay attention to the dangers of scissors and hot melt glue gun when DIY. If you accidentally hurt yourself, the mother will be sad in the festival.

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