Old Socks Handmade |Children ’s Handmade | Simple DIY

1. Tie the toes of the old socks with wool to prevent the plastic sand from leaking to the front of the socks.
2. Put a small amount of plastic sand into the socks, and then tie it with wool to make it into the head of the rabbit.
3. Put the plastic sand into the socks again. You need to put more plastic sand in it, and tie it with wool again, and the rabbit’s body is ready.
4. Use sewing needles and threads to sew the front of the sock into the rabbit’s ears.
5. The last part of the sock is rolled into a circle, and then stitched to make a rabbit’s tail.
6. Use white sewing thread to sew out the rabbit’s eyes and mouth.
7. Put a beautiful bow ribbon on the rabbit’s neck, and finally organize the whole rabbit.

Tip: If there is no plastic sand, it can also be filled with pp surface. The rabbit made in this way is most suitable as a hanging decoration for Easter.

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