Confession Greeting Card Handmade | Children Handmade | Card DIY

1. Cut the color cardboard into a heart shape, draw a fold line in the middle of the heart-shaped cardboard, and cut the heart-shaped cardboard into two halves according to the fold line.
2. Select a piece of green cardboard and cut it into a rectangle, and cut a rectangular frame in the middle.
3. Stick two pieces of cardboard with double-sided adhesive on the top and bottom of the rectangular frame, and then stick to a blue rectangular cardboard that is a little larger than the green rectangular cardboard.
4. Cut out a long dark green cardboard that is wider than the rectangular frame, and insert it into the green and blue cardboard.
5. Stick the two halves of the heart-shaped paper jam to the green paper jam and the dark green long paper jam with glue.
6. Pull the dark green strip of cardboard to close the heart, and write I LOVE YOU with a colored pen.

1. If you have thick double-sided tape, you can use thick double-sided tape instead of cardboard.
2. When using glue, first consider the position of use to avoid distorting the heart shape.
3. Make sure that the dark green long paper jam is smooth when pulling, and then stick the heart shape to avoid stuck when pulling.

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