Origami Rose | Paper Flower DIY | Paper Rose Handmade

1. Fold the red fold paper in half to cut out the petal shape, and then stretch the petals.
2. Roll the white paper towel into a ball and fix it on one end of the wire to make a flower core.
3. Stick the rose petals to the core through hot melt adhesive.
4. Cut the green fold paper into the shape of a leaf, hurt the glue on the leaf, put a thin wire, and then cover another leaf, and wait for the glue to dry.
5. Cut the green wrinkled paper into a tooth shape, and then apply hot melt adhesive to the root of the outside of the rose.
6. Wrap the green tape around the roots of the roses and wind the leaves on the wire.
7. Finally sort out the rose petals and leaves.

Tip: Rose petals can prepare some small petals and stick these small petals to the center of the flower core.

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