Cardboard DIY | Disposable Cup Handcraft | Children Handcraft

1. Plain paper is folded in half, and the pencil draws the shape of a rabbit, which is cut out.
2. Unfold the half-folded rabbit, put it on yellow cardboard, and use pencil to draw the same rabbit shape.
3. Cut out the shape of the rabbit on the yellow card.
4. Cut out two oval shapes with gray cardboard and glue them to the rabbit ears.
5. Use hot-melt glue to stick the rabbit’s eyes, and the pompon is also the rabbit’s nose to the rabbit.
6. Draw the rabbit’s mouth and beard with colored pens.
7. Apply hot-melt adhesive to the arm of the rabbit, and then stick it to the outside of the disposable cup. Wait for the hot-melt adhesive to cool and solidify before releasing.

1. First draw the rabbit in half on plain paper to cut out the rabbit. The shape of the rabbit is symmetrical, and the cardboard does not need to be folded in half. If you draw better, you can draw the rabbit shape directly on the yellow cardboard, but be careful not to fold the cardboard .
2. Fasten the hot melt adhesive on the rabbit’s arm, or the hot melt adhesive will fall off the disposable cup easily when it is cold.

Children who are DIY DIY rabbits need to be careful with scissors and hot melt glue gun.

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