DIY Handmade Ideas Of Twine Woven Placemats

1. Prepare three 10cm long twines and fold them in half.
2. Apply hot-melt glue to the half of the twined twine, and then stack them crosswise.
3. Prepare two twine balls, align the two twines and stack them on top of the other twine.
4. Start the long side of the twine from the middle intersection circle, the law of winding is a twine on top, the next twine is below.
5. When the twine winding is large enough, cut the twine and fix the joint with hot melt adhesive.
6. Turn the placemat to the opposite side, apply hot melt glue to the excess twine on the edge, and then fold and fix it on the placemat.

1. You can apply hot melt glue once when the twine has been wound around 5 times, so that the placemat will not fall apart.
2. If you want to make a bigger mat, you need to cross the pile of twine a little more, but make sure that the cross-stacked rope is double (including the last long twine used for winding)

Everyone can make a simple DIY twine placemat, but the production process needs to be careful to avoid accidental injury by scissors and hot melt glue gun. It also needs enough patience to complete.

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