Doraemon DIY Crafts Non-woven Fabric Creative Handcraft

1. Put the Doraemon pattern on the blue nonwoven fabric, and then draw the Doraemon shape on the blue nonwoven fabric with a pencil.
2. Cut Doraemon along the edge of the line of the shape.
3. Draw the tongue on the orange non-woven fabric; draw the mouth, nose and tie on the red non-woven fabric; draw the eyes, face, hands, feet, belly, and pockets on the white non-woven fabric.
4. Cut out the drawn figure, cut two of the eyes, hands and feet, and cut the two eyes of the black non-woven fabric.
5. Put the white face on the blue Doraemon’s face and sew a circle along the edge of the white face with white sewing thread.
6. In this way, all other non-woven fabrics that have been cut are sewn to the blue Doraemon.
7. Doraemon’s beard is sewn with black sewing thread.
8. Finally sew a golden bell to the tie.

1. Because the pencil will leave marks on the non-woven fabric, the side with the mark will be used as the reverse side when sewing.
2. What color of non-woven fabric is used for sewing thread.

This DIY Doraemon handicraft is very suitable as an interactive game between parents and children, but parents need to observe the children at all times, and children need to be careful not to be accidentally injured by needles and scissors when operating.

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