Heart-shaped Handmade Embroidery DIY Crafts | Sewing Method

Simple embroidery that everyone can learn. If the clothes are dirty and cannot be washed, use embroidery to cover stains. Beautiful heart-shaped pattern, embroidery stitching is very simple, suitable for beginners to practice, but to show neatly, still need patience.

Today I am preparing a cute heart-shaped embroidery tutorial, I also hope to get your feedback and share, don’t miss it easily. Very cute and practical heart-shaped pattern embroidery stitch, embroidered on clothes can play a very good decorative effect, let’s learn together!

1. Sewing needles for embroidery need to be dense, such embroidery looks a little three-dimensional.
2. When embroidering, be sure to follow the drawn pattern lines to avoid deformation of the pattern when the embroidery is completed.

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