Cherry Tree DIY Crafts Beads DIY Creative Handmade

1. String the beads onto the copper wire.
2. Twist the copper wire in a circle, put five or six beads into the circle, and then tighten the circle.
3. Ten circles are twisted on a copper wire, and the distance of each circle is about 4cm.
4. Fold the twisted copper wire in half from the middle, and then tighten the folded copper wire.
5. Repeat the above steps to prepare three twisted copper wires, and then use the twine to wrap the three copper wires around the root without beads to form a small branch of the cherry tree.
6. Prepare three small branches, and tie the roots again with twine to tie the three branches together into a large branch.
7. Prepare two or three large branches and tie the roots of the large branches again with twine.
8. Sort out the beads, a cherry tree with beads DIY is completed, and bury the cherry tree in the flower pot, it will be a beautiful scenery.

1. It is recommended to use three-color beads, which need to be used with light-colored beads and dark-colored beads.
2. There shouldn’t be too many beads in each circle. Five beads is recommended.
3. You can prepare more branches so that the cherry trees will flourish.

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