Amazing Rainbow Ornaments DIY Craft Ideas

1. Cut into rainbow shapes with non-woven fabrics in seven colors of the rainbow.
2. Glue behind each color rainbow and put the seven color rainbows together in order.
3. Cut out the shape of two clouds with white non-woven fabric, then sew it with sewing thread, leaving a mouth.
4. Put pp cotton from the left mouth, and then seal the mouth again.
5. Cut two red circles and two black circles to make blush and eyes, glue them to the cloud, and draw the shape of the mouth with pencil.
6. Prepare six colors of non-woven fabric and cut out the shape of water drops.
7. Sew 6 non-woven fabrics like water droplets under the cloud.
8. After waiting for the glue to dry, fix the ends of the rainbow with sewing needles.
9. Finally, sew the cloud to the rainbow.

Tip: If you don’t believe that you can draw the rainbow once, you can draw the rainbow on the paper, cut the rainbow-shaped paper and put it on the non-woven fabric, then draw the rainbow on the non-woven fabric.

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