DIY Decoration Of Colored Paper|Origami Flower DIY Handicraft

1. Roll up the paper quilling with a roll paper pen, glue it in place with glue, and pinch out the shape of the leaves.
2. Roll it into sticks with green paper and stick the leaves to the middle of the stick.
3. The red paper is folded in half, cut into tassels, and glued with double-sided tape.
4. Roll the red tassel onto the paper stick.
5. Cut a circle of cardboard and glue the rounded edges.
6. Roll brown paper quilling onto a circle and make it into the shape of a small flower pot.
7. After waiting for the glue to dry, put the bouquet in the pot and fill it with plastic sand.

1. The paper stick needs to be shorter to avoid the pot from falling over.
2. After using the glue each time, wait for the glue to dry before operating.

The tools needed to decorate DIY crafts in this beautiful flower pot are very sharp. If used incorrectly, it may cause injury. Please do not use for children without parental supervision.

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