Creative Origami Bouquet Crafts | Hydrangea DIY Handicrafts

1. Cut a circle on the jammed paper, and then place the circle on the crepe paper to cut 15 circles.
2. Fold the round crepe paper twice and cut it into a toothed tassel with a hole in the middle.
3. Twist the tassel and unfold the circle.
4. Wrap green tape around the wire.
5. Apply glue to the 15 circles and then pierce them all into the wire.
6. Use green fold paper to apply glue and cut into leaves.
7. Wrap the wire with green tape and tie the leaves to the wire.

1. The specific number of circles required is determined by the size of the circle and the twisted tassel. More circles may be required.
2. If the hole in the middle of the circle is relatively large, the tape wrapped around the end of the wire can be replaced with paper or other. In short, the end of the wire is made thicker.
3. If the finished flower ball is not round, you need to trim it slightly with scissors.

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