Fabric Crafts|Non-woven Candy DIY|Children DIY Crafts

1. Pick a favorite color among many non-woven fabrics and cut the non-woven fabric into a square.
2. Roll the square non-woven fabric into the shape of candy and sew it.
3. Cut off the excess non-woven fabric.
4. Bind the end of the candy with thread.
5. Fill in pp cotton and tie the other end with thread.
6. Sewing the yarn to the candy as an ornament.

1. If you are confident, you can cut the non-woven fabric into a suitable rectangle.
2. This is the candy needs to use thin non-woven fabric, thick non-woven fabric made of candy is not like real.
3. In addition to yarn, flowers can also be used as candy decorations, or choose what you like.

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