Paper Flower Art Setaria DIY Handmade Decoration|Wrinkle Paper Crafts

1. Prepare a rectangular white crepe paper and fold the crepe paper.
2. Cut the crepe paper into a tassel shape and open it.
3. Fold the crepe paper in half along the crease and apply glue under the tassel.
4. Turn the crepe paper tassel from the top of the wire into a foxtail.
5. Organize the fringe of the foxtail, and then use scissors to fix it.
6. Cut it into the shape of a leaf with green crepe paper, apply glue and put a wire, and then cover with a layer of green crepe paper with a leaf shape.
7. Apply glue to the bottom of the leaf and stick it to the middle of the wire.
8. Finally sort out the green bristlegrass and leaves.

1. The tassels should be cut to the same size, as thin as possible.
2. The tassel is wound tightly on the wire.

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