Paper Flower DIY Handicraft Calla Lily Bunch

1. Draw the calla lily shape on white fold paper and cut it out.
2. The yellow pleated paper is coated with glue and wrapped around the iron wire as a flower core.
3. Use scissors to roll the edge of the calla lily to make the calla lily more natural.
4. Apply glue to the calla lily and roll it outside the core.
5. Cut out the shape of the leaves with green fold paper.
6. Wrap the root of the calla lily and the wire with green tape, and wind the leaves onto the wire.
7. Organize the shape of calla lilies and leaves.

Tips: You can draw and cut the shape of calla lily with cardboard line, and then cut the calla lily on the pleated paper. Such calla lilies will be more like real flowers.

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