Sunflower DIY Crafts|Fabric Handcraft Creative|DIY Handmade Decoration

1. Select a piece of yellow cloth and cut it into a circle, sew a circle at the edge of the circle, and then pull the thread to make the round cloth into a ball shape.
2. Put the pp cotton into the yellow cloth, tighten the thread, and seal the mouth.
3. Pick a blue cloth and cut it into a circle, then fold it in half and cut it in half.
4. Fold the semi-circle in half, with the reverse side out. This is a triangle. Use a needle to sew one side of the triangle cloth, and then turn the cloth over.
5. Then sew the other side of the triangle into a fold so that it becomes a petal.
6. Use the above method to make 15 petals.
7. Connect all the petals in series with a thread, and then sew the yellow flower core to the petals.
8. Cut it into a leaf shape with a green cloth, fill the pp cotton and sew the leaf edges.
9. Sew the leaves and sunflower flowers to the wire.

1. The number of petals can vary, and may be less or more.
2. The size of the petals should try to be the same.

This DIY manual will use dangerous goods such as scissors and iron wire. Children need parental supervision and companionship in the production process.

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