Fabric Art|Pumpkin DIY Handicraft Decoration|Rag Waste Utilization

1. Draw a circle on the rag and cut it off.
2. Start with the sewing needle and thread from the round edge, pass the thread through the circle, and then pull the thread a little to make the circle into a pocket shape.
3. Put pp cotton in the round pocket, tighten the thread and seal the mouth of the pocket.
4. Use the sewing thread to pass through both sides of the cloth ball, and use the sewing thread to divide the cloth ball into 8 uniform parts.
5. Cut a round shape of cardboard, and then use the same rag to coat the round cardboard with glue.
6. Apply glue to the back of the rounded cloth and stick it to the center of both sides of the pumpkin.

1. If you like pumpkins bigger, you can cut the circle bigger. In this way, pumpkin pillows can be made.
2. Wrapping cardboard with cloth In addition to using glue, you can also use sewing needles and threads. If you choose to use glue, wait for the glue to dry before fixing it to the pumpkin.

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