Four-leaf Clover Origami Handmade Paper Quilling Craft Ideas

1. Roll up the white Paper Quilling with a paper pencil and place it in a suitable circle to loosen Paper Quilling.
2. Stick the loose Paper Quilling with glue and pinch it into small leaves of four-leaf clover.
3. Glue the two small leaves together into a heart shape.
4. Wrap the green paper Quilling around the heart-shaped four-leaf clover leaves.
5. Glue the four heart-shaped leaves together,
6. Put a suitable pearl in the center of the leaf.
7. Fold the Paper Quilling in half and glue it with glue. Wait for the glue to dry and stick the rod to the leaves, which will become a complete four-leaf clover leaf.

1. Be sure to prepare a round container and put the rolled paper quilling inside to make sure that each clover leaf is the same size.
2. You need to wait for the glue to dry before operating the next step, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of DIY.

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