Wheat Ear Bouquet Origami Handmade Paper Art

1. Cut rectangular yellow pleated paper into many triangles.
2. Prepare paper towels, tear them into small pieces, and knead them together.
3. Apply glue to the triangular yellow pleated paper, place the paper towel in the middle of the yellow pleated paper, and twist the yellow pleated paper into wheat grains.
4. Prepare many individual wheat grains.
5. The wheat grains are tied to the wire to form a bunch of wheat ears.
6. Apply glue to the yellow crepe paper and wrap it around the roots of the wheat ears and the wire.
7. Cut out the shape of the leaves with yellow fold paper and glue it to the stalks of wheat.

Tip: Make the triangles of yellow pleated paper and paper towels the same, try to make each wheat grain the same size.

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