Children’s Origami Bouquet Crepe Paper Simple DIY Handmade

1. Cut the yellow paper into a rectangle and fold it in half. Cut the yellow paper folded into tassels.
2. Apply double-sided tape under the tassel.
3. Use green paper to roll into flower sticks, and use glue to fix the end.
4. Roll the tassel from top to bottom onto the flower stem.
5. Cut the green paper out of the leaves and use scissors to scrape the leaves to make it curl.
6. The leaves are glued and placed on the bouquet.

Tip: Cut the tassels to the same size, and make the flowers even.

Because the DIY handmade of this bouquet is very simple, many children will participate in the production. Therefore, during the DIY process, pay attention to dangerous items such as scissors and glue to avoid injury to children.

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