Cute Handmade Paper Flower Craft Art | Flower Ball Family Decoration

1. Cut the colored paper into a circle, and then fold the circle twice.
2. Cut the shape of the teeth on the edge of the arc, cut two small holes in the middle of the circle, and then expand it into a petal, then scrape the petal with scissors to make it curled,
3. Fold the yellow paper into a tassel shape in half, and then fix the yellow flower core with a thin iron wire from the middle.
4. The thin iron wire tied with a yellow flower core passes through the void in the middle of the petals, and then twists the wire to become a flower.
5. Prepare a lot of such flowers, the color can choose your favorite.
6. Insert the wire part of the flower into the foam ball until the foam ball is full.
7. Organize the petals of the flowers to make the flowers tidy.
8. Put the flower ball on a thick wire, and then tie a beautiful ribbon on the wire.

1. The flowers should be as large as possible. The diameter of the colored paper circle I chose is 2cm, and the diameter of the foam ball is 5cm.
2. If it is difficult to insert flowers into the foam ball, you can use pliers, which will be more convenient.

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