The Simplest Painting Decoration That Everyone Can Learn

1. Fold the paper in half and draw the shape of the vase.
2. Use scissors to cut the vase off.
3. Apply masking tape to the middle of the vase under the white drawing paper.
4. Paint the lower part of the masking tape with gouache paint to yellow, and the upper part of the masking tape to blue.
5. Remove the masking tape.
6. Use the pen to draw the branches on the vase, and use the colored pen to draw the flowers on the branches.
7. Choose a favorite photo frame and frame the painted picture.

1. When applying masking tape, do not use too much force to avoid tearing the drawing paper at the same time when you remove the masking tape.
2. When adjusting the pigments, adjust enough pigments at one time to avoid different colors of the two pigments.
3. It is recommended to choose a larger brush to make the painting more uniform.
4. Flowers can choose one color or multiple colors, according to their own likes and habits.

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