Lily Of The Valley Handmade Decoration||Origami DIY Bouquet

1. Fold the orange square crepe paper in half and then cut it into a petal shape.
2. Prepare a small piece of square paper yellow paper, and then cut it into a tassel shape.
3. Use the cut yellow paper to roll it onto the thin iron wire as a flower core.
4. Pull the petals, roll the petals into a tube after applying glue.
5. Put the flower core inside the microphone, and tie it with the wire below.
6. Organize the flowers and wrap the roots with green tape.
7. Prepare 10-12 flowers, use green tape to wrap the flowers on a thick wire, and finally arrange the flower branches.

1. Try to make the flowers the same size. If you are careless and make some of the flowers bigger and smaller, you can wrap the small flowers on top of the thick wire, and the big flowers on the bottom of the thick wire.
2. It is recommended to make 3-4 flower branches into the vase, so that the effect will be better.

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