Beautiful And Creative Girl With Origami Art Idea Ready For You

1. Prepare a rectangular red fold paper and stretch the long side.
2. Fold the red rectangular pleated paper and tie it with thread.
3. Cut the red pleated paper into the shape of petals, then roll the petals with a bamboo stick. Need to prepare about 20 petals.
4. Twist the white rectangular pleated paper, knead the napkin into a ball and put it in the middle of the white pleated paper, and tie it to make the girl’s body.
5. Bundle the white body with the red crepe paper made in the second step.

6. Put the petals on the girl’s body with hot-melt glue. When all the 20 petals are glued on, the girl’s beautiful skirt is completed.
7. Use green wrinkle paper to cut out the teeth and apply hot melt glue to the girl’s body.
8. Prepare a small piece of yellow rectangular crepe paper, apply hot melt adhesive to the head, and then weave it into a braid.
9. Prepare five thin wires, wrap them in white crepe paper, and bend the ends of the wires with pliers. Fold the wrapped wire from the middle, apply hot melt glue to the bend, and then stick it to the girl’s body.
10. Prepare two pieces of green rectangular crepe paper, apply hot melt adhesive and cross-stick to the girl’s body as a girl’s clothes. The waist needs to be tighter, or it can be tied directly with a thread.
11. Prepare red crepe paper, green crepe paper, thin wire and green tape, and use them to make a flower.
12. Put the flower in the girl’s hand, twist the flower stem and wrap it around the girl’s body.

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