DIY Beautiful Paper flowers using Creased Paper

1. Cut the red wrinkled paper into rectangles.
2. Start folding from the upper right corner of the cropped rectangular pleated paper, you can watch the video for detailed methods. After folding it, it began to roll from one end to the other and turned into a flower, and then tied the flower with a thread.
3. Use two smaller rectangular red pleated papers to make two small flowers that are not in bloom.
4. Fold the rectangular green pleated paper in half four times and cut the scissors into the shape of a leaf.
5. Prepare green tape, entwine the leaves and flowers, and add green iron wire to make a small beautiful branch.
6. Repeat the above steps to make a few flower branches.
7. Finally, the finished flower branch was tied with green tape to the same thick green iron wire, and a complete fold flower handicraft was over. Congratulations.

1. Use caution with scissors
2. Children need to operate under the supervision of adults to avoid being accidentally injured by wire, scissors, etc.

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