Paper Flower Art Origami Handicraft Idea

It can be said that it is very common to make paper art flowers by wrinkle paper, but because of the different materials of the wrinkle paper and the different manufacturing methods, the feeling of making each wrinkle flower is different. Today’s tutorial for making paper flowers on crepe paper is relatively simple, and it is suitable for manual lovers who want to complete the production quickly.

Materials: Crepe paper, scissors, thread, glue, iron wire, colored pen, green tape

1. Cut white pleated paper into petal shapes and prepare 5 or 6 petals of the same size.
2. Prepare a small square white pleated paper and cut it into a tooth shape, then apply glue to roll it into a tube.
3. Cut the tassel with yellow pleated paper and roll it up to form a flower core, then put the yellow flower core into the tube that was just wound and tie it with the thread.
4. Fold the white petals and tie all the petals to the core with thread.
5. Organize the petals and paint the core with an orange paintbrush.
6. Fix the flowers on the wire with green tape, and finally arrange the flowers.

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