Different Plant Origami Learning Tutorials Are Prepared For You

1. Coat one side of the rectangular green fold paper with glue and roll it up.
2. Knead the tissue into a ball and put it into the green pleated paper, tie it with thread and turn it into a flower.
3. Coat the glue with green fold paper, put the thin iron wire and cut out three leaves of the same size.
4. Tie the three leaves with thread, and then tie the flowers and leaves together with thread again.
5. Prepare a long strip of green fold paper, apply glue and wrap it on the flower stem.
6. Glue the flowers to the stems, and then glue the black beads on the flowers.
7. Cut out four leaves of the same size, and put the prepared flowers and leaves in a vase of appropriate size.

Tip: If you can see white napkins in the flowers you make, you can wrap a layer of green crepe paper around the napkin balls.

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