Exquisite Woolen Paper Flower Wall Decoration

There are too many old sweaters at home and there is no place to put them, so don’t throw them away? Simple DIY can make good use of it. You certainly can’t imagine that handicrafts made of common materials hung on the wall are beautiful scenery at home.

Material: pleated paper, round beads, thread, scissors, woolen thread, thick iron wire

1. Wrap the red rectangular fold paper with round beads, and then tighten the two sides of the fold paper, remove the beads into petals, and prepare 5 petals of the same size.
2. Tie 5 petals together with thread to become a flower, prepare the same 4 flowers.
3. Wrap the thick iron wire into a circle, and wrap the circle with red wool.
4. Wrap white wool into a net and tie with tassels.
5. Put the red flowers on the white net, if you want to be firmer, you can use glue.

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