The Rope Bracelet Weaving Method Tutorial You Need

You may not imagine that you can turn it into a beautiful hand rope on your wrist with four ropes. Anyone who has no foundation in knitting can learn. Choose four brightly colored ropes and try it with your family or friends. I hope you can collect and share such a good idea with others.

A relatively simple tutorial for making a braided hand rope. If you like it, I suggest you do a few more and wear them together for the best effect. Now only a few people would like to choose this kind of braided bracelet. Most of them are European and American style metal bracelets, or Han Fan’s beaded bracelets. Even ethnic bracelets have various styles, and few Seeing the simple style of woven hand rope, if you feel that this kind of woven hand rope is too simple, you can embellish the hand rope with ornaments such as beaded diamonds.

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