Simple Home Woolen Yarn Wall Hanging Decoration DIY Handicrafts

If the leftover wool from knitting sweaters at home is not used for knitting, what else can we use? If you like to hang a beautiful wind chime decoration in your bedroom, you might as well refer to today’s wind chime DIY method, using ordinary colored wool to make a nice wall hanging hair ball wind chime.

Material: woolen thread, scissors, needle, thread, cake tray

How to make a beautiful hand-made yarn ball wind chime tutorial illustration will use: woolen thread, scissors, needle, thread, cake tray. Through today’s tutorial method, you can DIY beautiful hair ball wind chimes by hand using woolen yarn, which is very beautiful in the room and can be learned by novices.

In accordance with the method we have often used in the past, the yarn is made into fluffy and cute yarn balls. Then connect the yarn balls in series with thread, and finally hang them on the cake tray.

Learn more about the small handicraft ideas that can be achieved by using wool DIY. If you want to try some other woolen ideas after knitting, please continue to get more other handicrafts made with wool through the Breyee channel.

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