The Plush Stick Flower Handicraft Is Amazing

Do children like flowers and grass, especially some flowers on the side of the road that don’t know their names? Occasionally seeing them makes us feel more pleasantly surprised! Share a plush stick handmade, beautiful and cute flowers made, don’t worry about watering, Deworming, come and learn to make a small flower pot to decorate the room.

1. First take out three orange plush sticks of the same length and one short plush stick and fold them in half.
2. Tie them together from the roots with a blue plush stick.
3. Unfold each plush stick.
4. Slowly roll up the yellow plush stick from the top until it reaches the root. When it is done, it will become the core of the flower.
5. In addition, roll the six orange plush sticks in the same way, and they will become petals.
6. Twist a green plush stick into a bow and fix it to the flower stem of the flower.

Make more plush stick flowers and put them in a small pot to make a lovely decorative potted plant!

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